Lisa Davis – Wards 6&7


Lisa Davis is married and has two children. She has been a parent in CBE for the last 8 years.

With extensive experience in start-ups and major expansions, Lisa Davis has brought leadership and innovation to a variety of projects, from heading up a fast-growing retailer’s national real estate expansion program to opening a new office for an international consulting firm. Lisa also founded a unique and highly successful preschool program in Calgary centered around an innovative community hub model.

Lisa has been actively advocating for a more responsive, student-centered education system. She is the founder of Kids Come First, an independent, not-for-profit organization advocating for quality K-12 education across Alberta, including improving STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). She has spoken many times in the media about school infrastructure, ensuring funding reaches the classroom to support teachers and students, improving math scores and the social justice issues involved, reducing school fees, abolishing corporate/union donations to trustee campaigns, among other key issues.

Lisa is running for Trustee in Wards 6 & 7.

Lisa is supportive of GSAs and the current CBE regulations, which were approved by the Department of Education.   


It's important to note that our Student Wellness initiative would be a first in Alberta, and will help ensure that any child who is facing bullying -for whatever reason - is able to get the support they need.  Student wellness is a cornerstone of our platform as it is a critical factor for student success.

Can Lisa count on your support?


  • I have known Lisa Davis for about six years.  Lisa Davis is a staunch leader and advocate for excellence in public education and excellence in the development and implementation of provincial policy on education.  She provides exceptional leadership in the work of advocating for the delivery of improved educational programming and accountability in the public school system.   


    In Lisa’s work as an education advocate, both as a former President with the Calgary Association Of School Councils ( CAPSC ) and as founder of the organization Kids Come First, she has dedicated her time to advocating for a common and shared vision of a program of studies and curriculum that will ensure student learning needs are achieved. 


    She has successfully challenged both government and school boards to rethink the way mathematics curriculum and instruction is developed and delivered in the district and across the province.  Some of this work has been done through meetings with Premiers, Ministers of Education and school boards, while other work has been done by bringing content and pedagogical experts into the discussion.  She has also supported CAPSC and Kids Come First along with other organizations to ensure parents and classroom teachers are part of the discussion .  It is clearly evident that Lisa is committed to and is making a difference for student learning, not only in Calgary schools, but for students attending schools across the province.

    Dean Lindquist, Ed. D.,

    Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Program and System Support, Alberta Education
    Currently Superintendent of Schools, SD71 (Comox Valley)

  • Fix Math:

    Math is broken. More kids are failing math and CBE is not fixing the problem. We will fix it.

  • Fund Classrooms, not Admin:

    We will move millions back into the classroom. CBE staffing MUST be focused on support in the classroom.

  • Fix Report Cards:

    Report cards allow parents to support their child's learning. For many parents this is the best way to see their child's progress and meaningful report cards must be reinstated.

  • Ensure Student Wellness:

    Ensuring students feel safe at school is a priority to us all. We propose establishing an independent ombudsman to handle any unresolved student or parent concerns about bullying.

  • Keep Big Money out of Elections:

    Special interests have no role in education. We will not accept corporate or union donations.